Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you teach only in Japanese?

A: No, We do teach in English most of the time, but if a student(s) fully understand in Japanese, we do teach in Japanese. No obligation between English or Japanese.

Q: What location are you at?

A: We have 2 locations in 2018/2019 –  Northwest location(Silver Springs area) and Southwest location (Killarney area).

Q: How many classes per week?

A: Once a week program for a beginner student(s), twice a week program for students who are higher than intermediate levels (8kyu)

Q: How many students in one class?

A: Our maximum capacity is 10 students in one class. No more than 3 beginners in the same class. We organize the class depends on the skill levels, not by ages

Q: Do you franchise?

A: No, Japanese abacus organization never franchise any abacus class. – All Japanese abacus teachers must have a certain level of skill levels to open their own class.