North America Abacus League

Abacus Calgary belongs to “League for Soroban Education of America”  : we are one of the certified abacus schools,  we have been belonged since 2013.  ( the league has been made since 1992) There are 17 schools in United States and Canada,and all indepent/ private based schools.

As the demand for Soroban Abacus education continuously grows in the U.S., so does the number of teaching institutions, franchises, and other unofficial ways of teaching and handling the Abacus.There was then a great need to put basic standards in place and guarantee that parents who want their children to learn the Abacus, will receive the proven and highest level of Soroban Abacus education. 

There is North American championship in U.S, and correspondence competition in North America every year.(All events were cancelled in 2020 and 2021)

Online abacsu dictaiton exam session has started in 2020, so even all abacus schools are in all over United States in Canada, we are connected online as well.


北米各地でそろばんの腕を磨き、披露する年に1度の大会ですので、自分の腕試しとしても最高の舞台となります。 毎年5月頃に各教室で行われる、全米通信大会(各教室での実施)にも積極的に参加し、各生徒さんたちの腕試しをしつつ、常に目標を持ってそろばんを練習してもらう機会を提供しております。




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